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Wood grille without frame

Grilles that covers openings or can be used independently

Grilles that covers openings or can be used independently. Kungs wood grilles without frame consists of parallel wooden bars with the dimensions 6.5 x 28 mm. The distance between the bars is approximately 10 mm.

The wooden bars are made from any massive wood of your choice, and are fixed to each other with pipes of anodized aluminium. By default all wooden surfaces are treated with oil or clear varnish. Alternatively, the wooden surfaces can be treated with flame retardant. The grille can then be fitted to air vents.

Find more information about available insets and add-ons in our product sheet below. When you order or request a quote, please specify:

  • Choice of inset

  • Choice of wood (oak, birch, beech or ash)

  • Number of grilles

  • Width x length (mm)

  • Surface treatment (oiled, varnished or flame retardant)


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