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Aluminum grille for floors

The grilles for floors, over convectors, in shop windows or other floor openings

The grilles for floors, over convectors, in shop windows or other floor openings. Kungs aluminum grille for floors consist of an external frame and a grille inset with horizontal or vertical bars. The grilles can be made with any width and length (several insets can be placed in a single frame). The grille insets are reinforced with steel axes and can be delivered without frame. 

Our standard selection consists of 2 frame profiles and 3 bar profiles, making it simple to find the profile that fits your needs perfectly. We have delivered floor grilles for both Turning Torso in Malmö and Skatteskrapan in Stockholm.

The grilles are made of power-pressed aluminum profiles. By default the grilles are nature anodized or powder coated in a specified colour (RAL or NCS). The grilles can also be anodized in another colour. The grille inset can also be made in the wood of your choice. 

The grilles can be ordered with add-ons such as water jet cut corners and pillar adaptation. We manufacture all grilles in our own facilities, with production capable of handling anything between a few and thousands of grilles.

Find more information about available frames, insets and add-ons in our product sheet below. When you order or request a quote, please specify:

  • Choice of frame and inset

  • Number of grilles or meters

  • Width x length (mm)

  • Surface treatment (anodized or colour)


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To order grills or get a quote, contact via the button below or call us on the phone 08–662 03 20

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