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Aluminum grille with punched gills

Grilles made for air inlets and outdoor use with punched openings

Grilles made for air inlets and outdoor use with punched openings. The openings are punched in 1 mm think aluminum plating. Each opening is 5 mm. The openings can be made the following widths: 50, 60, 85, 100, 150, or 160 mm. This measure and the number of openings and their width equals the open area of the grille.


By default the total width of the grille is 80, 110, 140, or 200 mm. The openings cannot be wider than the total width of the grille minus 40 mm. The openings are parallel to each other, with a C‐C-measure of 30 mm. Our production is flexible, and allows great flexibility in ordering special measures or putting your products in stock. By default the grilles are untreated. They can also be anodized or powder coated in your colour of choice.


When you order or request a quote for aluminum grilles with punched gills, please specify:

  • Number of grilles

  • Width x length (mm)

  • Width of openings (mm)

  • Surface treatment (anodized or colour)


Request a quote

To order grills or get a quote, contact via the button below or call us on the phone 08–662 03 20

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