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Aluminum grille for facades YGU

Grilles for air vents and outdoor use with a unique design

Grilles for air vents and outdoor use with a unique design that separates and effectively drains rain, snow and dust. The grille consists of an external frame that protrudes from the wall, and a grille inset with vertical bars. 

The grille is mounted on the wall, which creates a ”free zone” free from disturbances in front of the grille. The outdoor air, which is now calm, hits the vertical bars which are equipped with drain folds (see product sheet), which effectively leads away water and particles from the air. 

Whirling snow is very hard to separate and lead away from the outdoor air, which is why we offer snow guard as an add-on. Experience from several winters show that this is a most effective add-on. The grille can also be made with several other add-ons, e.g. heat cable.

The grille is tested according to standard EN 13030:2001, and meets class A up to and including 3 m / s. 

Find more information about our YGU facade grilles in our product sheet below. When you order or request a quote, please specify:

  • Number of grilles

  • Width x length (mm)

  • Width x length of air inlet (mm)

  • Any add-ons

  • Surface treatment (anodized or colour)


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