Grilles the way you want them

We make grilles the way you want them in aluminum or wood. For indoor and outdoor use. For ceilings, walls, facades and floors. For ventilation, cooling and decoration. Do you need a special size or quantity? We manufacture them completely according to your specifications.


Aluminum grille with frame

Aluminum grilles that cover all openings in interior walls. Our aluminum grille with frame consists of an angled frame in which a grille inset is fixed.


Aluminum grille without frame

The grille that has no external frame and consist only of a grille inset. Can be used in windowsills, in ceilings, in front of air conditionings, inset into walls, or even as decorations.


Aluminum grille Click-in ®

The grille that can be easily mounted and de-mounted. Our click-in aluminum grille consists of a grille inset and two fitting profiles to be mounted above and below.


Aluminum grille for floors

The grilles for floors, over convectors, in shop windows or other floor openings. Consists of an external frame and a grille inset with horizontal or vertical bars.


Aluminum grille for facades FG

Traditional facade grille for air vents and outdoor use, designed either for outside or inset mounting. Available with several add-ons like hinges, locks and fly screens.


Aluminum grille for facades YGU

Grilles for air vents and outdoor use with a unique design that separates and effectively drains rain, snow and dust. Tested according to standard EN 13030:2001.


Aluminum grille with punched gills

Grilles made for air inlets and outdoor use with punched openings. The openings are punched in 1 mm think aluminium plating. Each opening is 5 mm.


Wood grille with frame

Grilles that covers all openings in walls and window sills with stylish wood. Our wooden grilles with frame consists of parallel wooden bars and an external frame.


Wood grille without frame

Grilles that covers openings or can be used independently. Our wood grilles without frame consists of parallel wooden bars with the dimensions 6.5 x 28 mm.


Wood grille for floors

Grilles that covers all openings in floors with stylish wood. Our wooden grilles for floors consists of parallel wooden bars and an external frame.


Wood grille Click-in ®

Grilles that has invisible fittings in stylish wood. Our click-in wooden grilles consists of two separate fitting profiles and one or more demountable grille insets.

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